An Open Letter to Philippine Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile

(Editor’s Note: Senator Enrile has made several attempts to revise Philippine history the most obvious of which is the actual date of declaration of martial law. Better known as Proclamation 1081, it was signed even before the fabricated attempt on his life which was used by Marcos as the major reason for martial law.)

I am an alumnus of the Ateneo de Manila High School. Your son Jackie Enrile is an alumnus of the same school. Actor Alfie Anido, President Noynoy Aquino, Mar Roxas, Butch Abad, Jinggoy Ejercito, Koko Pimentel, TG Guingona, and Ralph Recto are all alumni of the Ateneo de Manila High School.

Back then, BongBong Marcos went to La Salle Greenhills high school after FAILING the Ateneo de Manila high school entrance exams EVEN AFTER President Marcos threatened the Jesuits to accept Bong Bong at Ateneo but to no avail.

Every Atenean back then who attended Ateneo High School KNEW WHAT REALLY HAPPENED to ALFIE ANIDO! Noynoy Aquino knows it! Mar Roxas knows it! Butch Abad knows it! Jinggoy Estrada knows it! Ralph Recto knows it! Koko Pimentel and TG Guingona know it! The Anido family knows it! And of course your son’s archrival, Bongbong Marcos, knows it!

What really happened is VERY COMMON KNOWLEDGE to all Ateneans back then! Never ever forget that Mr. Enrile! The Anido family was also a wealthy family! But of course, no one would have ever dared to challenge the 2nd Most Powerful person in the Philippines after Marcos ! — Enrile!

About 80% of the Sons of Marcos Cronies and about 80% of the Sons of Anti-Marcos Opposition leaders like (Aquino, Roxas, Pimentel, Rodrigo, Maceda, Guingona, Salonga, Manglapus all attended Ateneo back then).

Everything that happened under the Marcos regime went around the Ateneo community because we heard firsthand accounts from both Pro-Marcos and Anti-Marcos families!

There were just too many people viciously attacked, slapped on the face, physically abused and murdered by your son, Mr. Enrile. No one dared to challenge him because of the power you wielded.

Bongbong Marcos committed similar atrocities but like Jackie Enrile, No one dared to challenge him.

There must have been at least four incidents when there was a shootout between your son and Bongbong Marcos including their bodyguards. But back then, the only person who could challenge Jackie was Bongbong and the only person who could challenge Bongbong was Jackie!

So after NCAA basketball games between Ateneo and La Salle, Bongbong and Jackie would often engage in a fight. They would also confront each other during parties in Assumption and St. Scholastica colleges.

You can go to the very top schools like Ateneo and La Salle but your morals will ultimately still come from your family!

Noynoy Aquino and Mar Roxas never ever acted like they were above others or had any sense of entitlement! That is one trait that still shows today, 30 plus years after their high school at the Ateneo!

Now the public knows who are the people running the Philippines today!

All I share here is an open book to all Ateneans and even LaSallites back then. NO one just would dare talk about it for obvious reasons!

The problem here is that 80 per cent of the Filipino voters, especially the poor and many uneducated ones, do not really know these people who are running the government. —
Ka Pule Pilosopong Gubat