Breakdown of Pork Barrel funds by Senator Panfilo Lacson

? 2% goes to the Commission on Audit as S.O.P.
?10% is given to the district engineer and other officials of the Department

of Public Works and Highways.
? 2% is passed on to the Barangay Chairman.
? 14% goes to the contractor — 10% in profit and 4% as value-added tax,

thank God!
? 5-10%, if the Mayor or Governor so demands.
? And, hold your breath — 20% of project cost is earmarked for the

legislator who identifies the project. Shares sometimes vary depending on greed.

In a book published in 1998 by the Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism, entitled, “Pork and Other Perks,” the author wrote about vivid accounts of actual pay-offs involving legislators. Thus, a pay-off usually takes place inside the office of legislators. The more sophisticated ones prefer hotel rooms and restaurants. Sulo Hotel in Quezon City is said to be a favourite.