Man swallowed maggots from Woolworths chicken

7 News: December 16, 2013, 9:20 am A man from Victoria has slammed supermarket giant Woolworths after reportedly swallowing maggots that were inside a barbecued chicken.

Jayson Croom says chicken used to be his favourite meal after purchasing his dinner from the Woolworths supermarket in Sale, Victoria. That was before he began tucking into his dinner with the unexpected side dish.

“Maggots in my chicken! Yes you read right!” Croom posted to the Woolworths Facebook page.

“I had maggots in my mouth and then I swallowed them which is how I realised what had happened, because one was crawling around my lip!”

The image Jayson Croom posted to the Woolworths Facebook page showing the maggots in the pre-cooked chicken bag.

Croom then complained about the Woolworths feedback process, claiming he was told to wait for a call one week later after previously being hung up on.

Woolworths responded more promptly on Facebook, saying they “take incidents like this very seriously” and they would get in touch with Croom who promised to answer the phone “as long as [he is] not throwing up”.