Ed Husic ejected from Chamber for Criticising PM by Roger White

13 February 2014. Chifley MP Ed Husic has today been expelled from Federal Parliament’s Federation Chamber after criticising Prime Minister Tony Abbott over the issue of an airport for Badgerys Creek.

Mr Husic had moments earlier delivered a five minute address to the Chamber on the subject of Badgerys Creek Airport.


“We learn today that the Prime Minister has created a handpicked Committee of Sydney MPs to thrash out the issue of an airport for Badgerys Creek,” said Mr Husic.

“But is there a Western Sydney Labor MP to be found anywhere on that Committee? No,” he added.

“This is despite the fact that in Government, Labor did have a cross-party approach to involving MPs on this issue.”

“Western Sydney continues to be insulted by the Prime Minister and his Government when it comes to this vexed issue of Badgerys Creek. The latest slap in the face is a committee of Liberal MPs, some of whose electorates are vast distances from Badgerys Creek.

“The Member for Mitchell, Alex Hawke’s electorate is based at Castle Hill. He is on the committee. The Member for Reid, Craig Laundy has also been invited to the table, yet his electorate office is at Burwood.

“Just last year the then Opposition Leader, now Prime Minister Tony Abbott said there were absolutely no plans for an airport at Badgerys Creek.

“Well obviously there are plans for an airport at Badgerys Creek and Tony Abbott has lied to the people of Western Sydney.

“I said so today in Parliament and was thrown out because of it.

“But I make no apologies, because I will continue to stand up for my constituents in Chifley, good people who continue to be kept in the dark and insulted,” he concluded. ###