Meegan Jones — Up Close and Personal by Benjie de Ubago

She’s young, vibrant and energetic — the natural beauty representing Australian Visayan Multicultural Communities and vying for this year’s Miss Philippine Australia and Miss Charity Queen.

Imbued with beauty and talents, she was born in Australia of an Australian father and a Filipina mother who comes from the Visayan region.  Her mixed heritage has given her the best of both worlds which she savours. She has followed her mother’s love for community work and takes on the challenge of competing for the beauty titles. “But it’s not just about beauty” says Meegan. “It’s really all about working for charity and being able to make a difference in someone’s life,” she adds.

Ever charming, Meegan exhibits a zest for life. She embraces everyday challenges and turns them into experiences that enrich her in every way.  She loves to travel and discover distant places and cultures. Music is another of her special interests and she is able to play six musical instruments.

But most of all, she’s an avid sports fan. She’s been part of a Hockey team since she was four years old and has recently landed a sports scholarship for Barcelona. Meegan believes in maintaining a healthy lifestyle and balances it with nutrition and exercise. She is currently a fitness professional  but hopes to shift to a career in Rehabilitation where she can help transform lives and really make a difference.

Although quite young, Meegan exudes confidence and a certain level of maturity, envied by most her age. Her training days have instilled in her a strong sense of discipline and a spirit of competitiveness. She says: “If I should win, I am hoping that I will be able to help make a difference by providing healthy living programs and better nutrition for the underprivileged areas in the Philippines.”

Full support from the community

Family and friends, along with the AusVisayan and AusMindanao Multicultural Communities are together in the charitable cause and have pledged their full support for her. And she’s all poised and all set to strut down the runway at this year’s Fiesta Kultura’s Beauty Pageant with grace. Proceeds go to Pageant organizers, Philippine Australian Sports Council’s (PASC)  charities in the Philippines. Call Serna Ladia on 0433 470 965 or Mercy Jones on 0433 573 779.  (

Updated: 2014-10-04 — 19:09:46