Philippine Sentinel did not offer free advertising space to the Philippine Community Council

I never made an offer for PCC to advertise the Philippine National Day Ball in Philippine Sentinel in exchange for two tickets.

There was obvious misunderstanding in my conversation with your PRO. I know he was just doing his job when he made the proposal to all Filipino newspapers. I said I would consider the proposal but I am not really interested in attending the PND Ball. Frankly, it’s not worth my time.

The cost of two tickets does not even come close to the actual value of even a quarter page advertisement in Philippine Sentinel. There is no fair exchange. I want to make sure that all board members are made aware of this.

I am also tired of watching certain ‘personalities’ dance the Rigodon over the years. With your leadership, maybe you can think of something better. It is high time that somebody takes a firm stand on issues and not allow others to dictate on the president. I am aware that PCC is wasting a lot of money just to feed the participants during Rigodon practices.

Dino Crescini

Editor — Philippine Sentinel Newspaper