Philippine Sentinel meets with MPC Board

Aug. 8, 2015. Schofields NSW. Long-time MPC critic Philippine Sentinel Editor Dino Crescini today met with members of the board of the Philippine Australian Community Foundation, more popularly known as the Filipino Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC).

At the entrance, he was warmly welcomed by PACF Chairman Mansueto Villon who announced his arrival to the group. Just about to leave the building were some members of the Philippine Community Council (PCC) led by incumbent president Evelyn Beed.

According to Villon, the board has just finished the meeting. Apparently the main agenda was the sale of the Schofields property to an unnamed buyer who have already made a 10 per cent deposit of $250,000. It has earlier been reported that the agreed price was $2.5 million and that the balance would be paid within 90 days.

Surprisingly, no other members of the Filipino media showed up, though according to the MPC chairman the invitation was extended to Filpress through its convenor Jaime Pimentel.

New property under consideration

Crescini asked if the board has made any decision to buy another property once payment is completed. He stressed that there should be more transparency and that consultation with the Filipino community should be made prior to any decision to buy.

Villon said that the PACF board is eyeing a warehouse at No. 52 Princes Street in Riverstone NSW. He added that it has a seating capacity of around 500 persons. Based on photos presented, the warehouse, which needs some refurbishment can be suitable for functions and can be rented out to the community. Unlike in the previous years, Villon said that purchase can be made after paying all liabilities and that MPC will be debt free.

The size is approximately 473 sqm with an office space of approx 42 sqm. Total land area is 1393 sqm and is located in an industrial zone. It is still unknown if the governing council will allow public gathering in the building. The proposed site is around 20 km from Blacktown CBD and is negotiable through Windsor Rd in about 40-45 minutes depending on traffic conditions.

Updated: 08/09/2015 — 06:48:08