“I know Alric Bulseco — who he really is”

I was being recruited to join the Ateneo Alumni Association of Australia (AAAA) by fellow alumnae of Ateneo de Davao University. I obliged by attending one of the events to check if joining AAAA would be worth my time. Alas, after witnessing Alric Bulseco’s arrogance matched with pure hypocrisy (by being over friendly — beware if someone is over friendly, he/she wants something from you — was what my father used to say), I decided not to waste my time on my alma mater’s alumni association here in Sydney.

Who is Alric Bulseco? I too, was educated by the Jesuits in Davao from kinder to college. Needless to say, I am a true blue Atenean.  Hence, I am disgusted by Bulseco’s actions and his image of being a womanizer feasting on desperate women who, by the way, spend money on him. That came [direct] from the horse’s mouth, always bragging to “friends” that his girlfriends are the ones spending for him. From what I know, he doesn’t earn that much to support his social activities, let alone his own family.

For those who only knew him and met him here in Sydney, let me tell you a few facts about your ‘beloved’ (sic) Alric. He was a nobody back in his primary grades up to college. He got kicked [out] of Ateneo de Manila when he was in 3rd yr college because of poor academic performance. He then moved back to our hometown Davao City, to continue his tertiary education. As far as I remember, his name only resounded because of his girlfriend then, (who later became his wife — poor woman). She was a campus personality. If it were not for his girlfriend, no one would even give him a second look. He did not even excel academically, no honours to attached to his name. He revelled in the popularity of his girlfriend.

I think even then he was already wanting attention, may it be directly to him or indirectly. Learning of his arrogance in the AAAA and Philippine Community Council (PCC), I must say that this man always had it in him to seek fame. He worked as a credit collector with Filinvest in Makati after college. The next thing we knew, he got to migrate to Sydney. Thanks to his wife’s family and qualifications.

I know for a fact that he started to join Filipino community associations after

his wife divorced him. The ex-wife must have gotten tired of supporting him
financially, or just got tired of his inability to support his family. His
performance at the PCC has spread like wildfire. How he would flirt with married women, his lack of decency in dealing with other board members, his pagyayabang (bragging) that the Presidents of PCC would be nothing without him.

But I don’t want to dwell on his image with the AAAA and PCC, as anyone in his right mind would have known about his un-Atenean behaviour.

If you check his Facebook account, you will get to view his personal photos, as out of pure ignorance and arrogance, all his photos are for public viewing.

Yes, he is a divorcee and had the right to flirt with any woman who would open her legs and purse for him. I overheard him once, telling a group that his girlfriend from Davao takes him shopping and pays for his plane fares to visit his parents in Davao. His girl friend is separated, not annulled. Doesn’t that call for a case of concubinage? He met this woman on the Internet. Oh, the powers of technology…you can pick up women on the net.

The woman comes [regularly] to Sydney to be with him, leaving her children in Davao. Although, from what I heard, her children really don’t want her in their lives. They are living with their father. Would any decent man tell people that the woman spends for him? Certainly not! I wouldn’t want anyone to know that my girlfriend splurges her money on me, lest I be called a gold digger. But with Bulseco, he seems to find satisfaction in showing people and telling people what his women do for him.

He had a long term relationship with the married Treasurer of the PCC.  Now, that is interesting. No wonder he can get away without paying for the 2014 Independence Day ball tickets, as I read on one of your publications.

When I heard that he had a pacemaker planted in his heart, I thought to
myself….serves you right! That is karma working on you. I am getting out of bounds here, all I want to say is, why is the AAAA harbouring this person? He doesn’t deserve to be called an Atenean!  He brings total shame to other alumni with his public display of pure arrogance, walang delikadesa (no shame) in his womanizing, parading each woman who would touch his arm, and so on.

I suggest that someone starts digging into this man’s true personality. He

doesn’t deserve to represent Ateneo in any social event. Let him bask in the attention that he gets from his fellow PCC members, but please do not allow him to bear the name of ATENEO!  His reputation has spread even to our rival school De La Salle University. We are being laughed at and ridiculed for allowing him to continue to bring shame to our dear alma mater.

I really don’t know why I’m writing this. I think it emanates from being
appalled and severely disgusted with this man.

Alex Tolentino

— A true blue alumnus from Ateneo de Davao

Updated: 2015-08-28 — 18:40:49


  1. Wow ! This is damning!!! If all this is true, it then begs the question why this man is in a community organisation at all. As the article implies, the character described certainly is not one of a proper Jesuit-trained gentleman but rather a man of gutter background, a purveyor of lies. Why does the community tolerate a man of apparent ill repute ??? And if again his background checks out, does this man attract trust from the community? Looks like the community has an all-time gigolo, gold digger whose heart races like a field mouse. Interestingly, he must have some male asset that attracts women. What might that be? His kidneys perhaps? Again, if all the article claims is true, this man may end up being the all time community joke. And the organisations that support him, all time jokes as well. The truth will be revealed…………maybe.

  2. Thank you for publishing my letter. Let this be a warning to other Ateneans who in one way or the other give shame to the teachings of the Jesuits. I have good reliable sources and contacts from whom I can get information on anyone. You don’t notice me at social functions of the AAAA, but I am around. I am the Blue Knight of the Jesuits, in armor, I will expose you.