Jason Day is no ordinary golf champion; he is Filipino Australian

Jason Day did it. He won the 2015 PGA Championship with a score of 20 under par — the first golfer in golfing history to win a major championship with that kind of score. He beat second placer Jordan Spieth by 3 strokes.

Indeed Jason Day is no ordinary a golfer. As a son — he never fails to reminisce on memories and teachings of his late Dad and upon winning his first tournament victory check he fully paid his Mom’s mortgage on their house which she had hocked to send him to professional golf academy.

As a husband and father — he is so totally devoted to his pretty wife and his young son so that when he is playing on the tour circuit they all live in a Camper Van so they can be together even when he is playing.

As a relative — he sent a substantial sum to his family in Tacloban. He  never met his relatives who perished in typhoon Haiyan. As a concerned global citizen Jason sent a contribution for the relief of typhoon victims. He is indeed Filipino and he is truly a rare breed that needs to be emulated.

Educated under the Australian system

He was born and raised by his parents in Australia and educated under the Australian system. He learned to play golf in an Australian professional golf academy.

Jason’s hard earned PGA championship victory and other golfing accomplishments were made possible by the work, sacrifices and investment in Jason by his parents, Australian society and the Australian professional golfers’ association and by Jason’s own hard work and sacrifices.

Sadly, the Philippine Sports Commission has absolutely no contribution to Jason Day’s being a golf champion. Let’s leave it up to him on whatever credit he might want to give to the Philippines.

At the moment, he is in the top 10 world golf and FedEx Cup rankings.