Alric Bulseco is a disgrace to Ateneo

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Wow ! This is damning! If all this is true, it then begs the question why this man is in a community organisation at all. As the article implies, the character described certainly is not one of a proper Jesuit-trained gentleman but rather a man of gutter background, a purveyor of lies. Why does the community tolerate a man of apparent ill-repute? And if again his background checks out, does this man attract trust from the community?

Looks like the community has an all-time gigolo, gold digger whose heart races like a field mouse. Interestingly, he must have some male asset that attracts women. What might that be? His kidneys perhaps? Again, if all the article claims is true, this man may end up being the all-time community joke. And the organisations that support him, all-time jokes as well. The truth will be revealed…maybe.


Warning to Ateneo Alumni

Thank you for publishing my letter. Let this be a warning to other Ateneans who in one way or the other give shame to the teachings of the Jesuits. I have good reliable sources and contacts from whom I can get information on anyone. You don’t notice me at social functions of the AAAA, but I am around. I am the Blue Knight of the Jesuits, in armour, I will expose you.

Alex Tolentino

Bulseco is a disgrace to Ateneo

It’s fine with me if you publish my name should you share with your readers my comments on Alric Bulseco. He is giving shame to Ateneo de Davao. He seriously thinks he is popular, not realizing that he is unpopular. And his numerous affairs that he flaunts on Facebook for public viewing is appalling.

Alex Tolentino

Updated: 2015-10-04 — 17:57:47