A Few Good Men . . . in PCC

This column is not about Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson in that movie of the same title. Those very few good men in PCC do not include Alric Bulseco, a publicly known womaniser, whose known shameless supporter is a former president of the Philippine Community Council.

In response to a complaint made against Bulseco’s continued membership in the PCC board, this woman denied that she was among those who agreed with Jun Relunia (immediate past president of PCC) — that the complaint against Bulseco was personal. She was among those who failed to see the big picture — that Alric Bulseco was a poor choice to represent the Filipino community in Australia. She alleged in her email that she was merely there to assist in organising the 25th anniversary of PCC-NSW and that she did not participate in the discussion about Bulseco. That was a another blatant lie. She even volunteered to do the final draft of PCC’s reply to the complaint. I am reminded that a lawyer’s greatest asset is her lie-ability!

What she was not aware of is the presence of some good people in the PCC board. These men and women are persons of unquestionable integrity and whose morals are beyond reproach. She was not also aware that I had my ears glued to the discussions during the board meeting last October 7. I recognised the voices of the persons who spoke. I will not bother to specify how I was able to listen during the meeting but my ears were physically present.

What is most disgusting is that this woman tried to insult my intelligence. In her email to this writer, she alleged that “any complaint made to the board must be made under oath.” I say that is plain stupidity! I happen to have a copy of the amended PCC Constitution (2011) and there is absolutely no such provision stating that any complaint must be made under oath.

On October 19, I sent by registered mail an official letter of complaint against Bulseco to the Post Office Box of PCC in Granville NSW. It was addressed to the attention of PCC President Evelyn Beed but as of press time, no one has bothered to claim the registered mail. I learned from a reliable source that Alric Bulseco holds the key to the Post Office Box. Of course, that is no big mystery because he wants to be in control of PCC.  Dino Crescini

Updated: 2015-12-02 — 18:22:43


  1. Bastunero Tulisan

    A few good men, the council may have. But an incompetent politik they maintain. In most quotes of wisdom the good is most likely compared to the bad to highlight what is right. Bulseco is simply a rotten apple that constants festers in the PCC barrel. No matter how many good men and women you have in PCC Bulseco will always be a stain. And PCC will continue to condone his presence. The 2016 elections are just around the corner and money on the table, Bulseco will again be in the 2016 board. Such is the travesty of KSP’s (mga Kulang Sa Pansin).