Bulseco’s supporters turn a blind eye

Much has been said in the Filipino community media and in gossip circles about Alric Bulseco, current Vice President – External Affairs of the Philippine Community Council NSW and Director of the Ateneo Alumni Association of Australia.

There is enough evidence that he is what is claimed he is, and that there are some supporters who turn a blind eye to all his shameful acts. What influence does Bulseco have on these people? Either that or a succession of individuals associated with him are complete and total idiots. There seems to be two main sources of embarrassment — the first, with Bulseco as an officer of a Filipino community organization and the second as an alumnus of Ateneo de Davao. With the first, it does not really matter. The organization has been rife with all sorts of shenanigans and misdeeds, e.g. misuse of public funds, lack of adherence to their constitution and not following due process.

That organization is asymptomatic of the Pinoy brand of politics anyway.  One can be an Emperor or whatever high flying title they want in that organization, no one really cares about such a slapstick organization. But for the second, as an alumnus of a distinguished university, one can be an alumnus on paper or be an alumnus trained in the norms and precepts of the school and graduated from the school. Many belong to the first but only few to the second. Bulseco definitely belongs to the first. And much worse, he gets sheltered and “looked after” by other alumni who belong to the first category as well, much to the disgust of true-blue Ateneans. It does not look like any amount of awareness of Mr. Bulseco’s misdeeds will get him deposed. That is up to those idiots who have to prove they are not, by acting accordingly. — bastuneroz@yahoo.com.ph

Updated: 2015-12-02 — 18:24:20