PCC stoops to an all-time low

The Philippine Community Council (PCC-NSW) claims to be the peak organization of Filipinos in New South Wales. However, their recent 25th anniversary celebration was anything but what they claim it to be. It was met with nothing less than controversy as usual. Their late celebration fell on Friday, the 13th of November and the place was decorated with matching black tablecloths. It should have been a premonition of things to come.

The show was a mix match of numbers, a little of this and a little of that. The opening number was a ‘Pandango sa Ilaw/Tinikling’ turned into rap. But the highlight of the evening was the “Burlesque Queen” dance number with cheeks hanging in all the wrong places that no one cared to see. It may have been a great number for a different event but it was much too smutty and definitely, most inappropriate for PCC’s anniversary. Sorry, but we could not even print the photos which were so distasteful,

Some of the Dignitaries and Directors were shocked! They simply looked away and bowed their heads in shame. One PCC director called it “the bastardization of PCC.” Some of the veterans, who had given their time to building PCC, were devastated at what PCC had become but politely smiled for fear of trepidation. “I watched and I cringed and the only words that I could grasp was ‘Father, forgive them for they know not what they are doing”  said another attendee.

The celebration attempt was done in 3-parts. The Tree Planting at the Rizal Park in Campbelltown where people were not dressed for the occasion; the pseudo-intelligent symposium that had one Director mumble on about good governance when it clearly showed he was out of his depth. Another PCC Director said, “the tree planting was palpak; the symposium was palpak and also the 25th gala night…well, grabe!” The majority of the Directors claimed that they were not even aware of what was going to happen. They were kept in the dark and plans were contained within the decision triumvirate of Evelyn Beed, Alric Bulseco and Bobby Lastica, although Lillian was in charge of the “surprise” program. No one was given the opportunity to even comment.

The event glorified the former presidents even those who brought shame to PCC and those who have not contributed anything. Lopez was even resurrected in time for Friday, the 13th! Absent were Amores, Villaver, Manalo and a grand walk out from the first President, Jess Diaz. The event recognized three affiliates for 20 years or more of continuous membership, the Ilocano Association, the Illawarra Group, and the Philippine Australian Medical Association (PAMA). But it failed to mention the individuals who supported PCC through the years and all the other affiliates they claim to have. Either they were really ungrateful or they simply lost them all!

The program left people wanting. According to another source, the history was inaccurate and copied and distorted. They claimed to be celebrating yesterday, today and tomorrow (a flimsy theme) but it was difficult to tell what season they were in. Yesterday was obliterated; today did not get a mention and tomorrow was simply off the planet!

But what’s worse is their attitude. They don’t and can’t even see what was wrong and how wrong it was! All they are doing is pat each other in the back, delusional about how wonderful they were. ”The haters! The detractors!” they cry. To ignore is what they do best. The simple problem which could have been easily resolved with acceptance and humility has now been magnified beyond proportions. Unfortunately, they have stooped so low, it’ll take a crane to salvage them from the depths of the sink hole of their own making.

If PCC claims to be the peak body representing the community, then they’re way off the mark. They represent us — you and me — and the best in the Filipino. They failed to understand the significance of the event; they forgot to express gratitude to those who deserved to be thanked and they definitely failed miserably at all costs. The last song “Problemo” summed it all up and got a giggle from the audience. Now that was appropriate!

In the words of the double-standard Alric Bulseco: “Are these the kind of leaders we have in the community?” — by Dino Crescini © (All rights reserved.)