Why is Bulseco still in the PCC Board?

Of course! Alric Bulseco is still there. And so will it continue. It is funny how at least three past presidents of the Philippine Community Council supposedly admit to the foolishness purveyed by Bulseco and all they can say is “I will control him”. Bold statement but that is all it is. No one controls him. And so the cancer remains. Hooray for PCC! Twenty-five years that are gradually degrading an organisation into focusing on removing one individual who no one is willing to do!

A few good men, the council may have. But an incompetent politic they maintain. In most quotes of wisdom, the good is most likely compared to the bad to highlight what is right. Bulseco is simply a rotten apple that consistently festers in the PCC barrel. No matter how many good men and women you have in PCC, Bulseco will always be a stinking stain. And PCC will continue to condone his presence.

The 2016 elections are just around the corner and money on the table, Bulseco will again be in the 2016 board. Such is the travesty of KSP’s (mga Kulang Sa Pansin [those who hunger for attention]).


Updated: 2016-02-01 — 18:05:11