Editor’s Response to PCC President

Dear Ms Beed,

Thank you for your response to my letter of complaint that was sent to you on October 19. It is noted that it took the PCC Board almost 3 months to respond. You claim that the decision is unanimous. I find that doubtful because not all PCC board members were present. The presence of a quorum is also questionable.

I must again mention that under your supposed leadership, the PCC Board miserably failed to see the big picture. There is nothing personal in the complaint filed against Mr. Bulseco. Over the years, he has acted in a manner prejudicial to the interest of not just the council but of the Filipino community in general.

His altercations and verbal diatribe with the likes of Angie Jenkins, Jade Cadeliña, Atoy Sayas, Mao de Vera, Dr. Alexis Leones, Solina Lapalma, Benjie de Ubago, and even Immediate Past President Jun Relunia are only to name a few of those with whom he has crossed words and who have been in the receiving end of his sudden inexplicable rage and verbal diarrhoea.

You have completely missed the point that is it Alric Bulseco dragging the Philippine Community Council into public shame.

If the incumbent PCC Board continues to blindly protect its own member and refuse to sack him as an undesirable, I call on the PCC Affiliates to boycott the next AGM and forthcoming elections.

The Editor

Updated: 2016-02-01 — 18:06:51