No First-Class Flights or Luxury Cars for Cabinet Members

New Cabinet members will need to adjust their lifestyle now that the Duterte administration has started. There will be no more first-class travel or dining in expensive restaurants because the new president said so.

The new social welfare secretary Judy Taguiwalo said: “the president said no luxury vehicles, take economy class flights, and don’t use government funds for junkets. So I’m happy with that kind of announcement, because I think that’s a good start.”

“He said people are paying taxes. When we buy any item, we pay tax. And he said if we take business class flights even if we personally spend for it because we can afford it, people won’t see that. What they will see is we are taking business class because they are paying for it,” added Salvador Panelo, Duterte’s spokesperson.

And not just that, they might also have to let go of their luxury cars in exchange of a less expensive car for use while they are in office. Panelo said he had to temporarily let go of his Mercedes Benz so he can use a Toyota Camry. That way people can’t say anything against him and his lifestyle. It’s basically about simple living for which our new president stands.

As of press time, there appears to be no cabinet post for the new vice president Leni Robredo. The new directive will surely not affect Robredo who is used to taking public transportation.