The robotic suitcase that follows you like a dog and avoids obstacles on its own

Designed in Shanghai, China the Cowa Robot moves at a top speed of nearly 4.5mph and stays no more than 2ft behind its owner.

A bracelet worn by the traveller attracts high-tech sensors in the suitcase. It was designed with the latest in robotics to avoid obstacles in its path and actively look for its owner if it gets separated. The sturdy 10lb case can charge a mobile phone or laptop and comes with an electronic lock, meaning there’s no need to fumble with a key.

Passengers won’t need a key when they secure it, as it’s equipped with a TSA-approved electronic lock that rotates 90 degrees and has an LED light.

Earlier this year, Israeli company Nua Robotics revealed a similar suitcase that follows people around on their travels.

The carry-on case has a built-in camera sensor to find its owner and it connects to a smartphone app via Bluetooth.

Current market value is around $650. It comes with a rechargeable battery which lasts about 60-90 minutes per charge. It can be plugged to any electrical outlet. ? (Source: The Daily Mail)

Updated: 2018-03-19 — 02:29:48