Why I did not vote for Duterte

Not all Davaoeños are for Duterte. Mostly because we know who he really is. The majority though think that he is a great leader. I must say that what he is capable of doing is only applicable to a city and not for the whole country. I know him personally that’s why I don’t like him at all. I have friends who have been bashed in the social media for being vocal about their disgust with Duterte.

If you have watched his press conferences prior to his banning the private media to cover such talks, you will cringe with abhorrence! During his thanksgiving party in Davao, he even included genitals in his speech! To which his stupid followers laughed! Gosh! How blind can they be! He even attacked the United Nations after he was told off about his comment on the assassination of journalists. What do you expect? If he can’t give respect to the Catholic Church, we can’t expect him to respect anyone!

Every time I go out with my friends from Davao who are also based here in Manila, all we talk about is him. How much of a hooligan he is! You must have heard of his rape “joke”, cursing the Pope, sexual harassment of a lady reporter, assassinations of journalists, and urging the public to kill criminals themselves! Imagine! Giving license to everyone to kill! And there are these imbeciles who applaud his every statement!

He has banned private media to cover his activities or press conferences for the next 6 years. Where is transparency? Where is democracy? Should we just expect to believe what the government-owned media is reporting? Obviously that would be very biased!

My blood pressure shoots up whenever Duterte’s name is mentioned. He is a certified maniac!

In fairness to him, he admits that he doesn’t know anything about economy. That’s why he’s appointing people who are knowledgeable and competent. How competent? Only God knows.

Duterte goes to the mountains to visit the rebels. Every time he visits, he brings with him a ute-load of guns and CASH! He is a communist to the bones; even saying that he will ask Joma Sison to be his adviser; giving the DAR and Anti-Poverty Commission to the left.

Anyway, let’s wait and see what he will accomplish in six months time. First off, I expect a lot of killings with no due process of the law.

God bless the Philippines!

Angelita from Matina, Davao City

Updated: 2016-07-02 — 20:02:18