I don’t like President Duterte

I hate Duterte’s arrogance so much — banning journalists from private networks to cover his activities, shouting expletives in his speeches, disrespecting the Catholic Church, and worst of all — giving the public a license to kill “criminals”!

Now, that is scary. It will be like Purge (the movie) enacted in real life. Even his PNP chief, de la Rosa, has no other solution but to kill, kill, kill!

What is happening to democracy [in our country]? There are rumours that the military is planning a coup. Senator Trillanes is brewing up something to get him impeached. The communists to be given freedom in our country. Ugh! And stupid Filipinos think he is going to be a great leader!

Hayyyy! I can go on and on about Duterte.

From a native of Davao City

Name withheld upon request

It seems that not all people from Davao voted for Duterte. — Editor

Updated: 2016-07-02 — 20:04:09