Filipino Master Chef promotes Chorizo Embotido Loaf

For the past 25 years, Ms Neria Soliman has made it a point to do experimental cookery at least once a week. She has created recipés from meat to dessert and drinks, some of which have been published in her second book “Cooking with Neria.”

Lately, her concoctions included health friendly recipés. One such creation is the Chorizo Embotido Loaf for which she uses lean minced pork and vegetables. It is a dish that is popular to her gourmet friends who place orders quite regularly.

She hopes to share this dish with the community for them to relish an embotido taste with a twist.

Cost is only $12.50 per loaf (see photo). Those interested may place their order by sending an SMS to mobile 0404 011 524.

Updated: 2016-08-06 — 18:23:23