Will the MPC project ever be completed?

The way things are, the Multi-Purpose Centre project appears to be doomed to extinction.

Just very recently, Pinoy TV aired on TVS 31 an interview with this writer showing some footages of the MPC in its original location in Rooty Hill. As of press time and for many months now, the property has remained for sale. The incumbent MPC president blamed media for the growing lack of interest of the Filipino community in the project.

On 17 November 2007, during a press conference held in Schofields, the MPC chairman proudly announced the purchase of a 5.5 acre property. He said it was God’s will that they were unable to  complete the project that was started in 1990. In last month’s issue, Philippine Tribune announced possession of documents from Blacktown Council declaring the Schofields location as a “high flood risk zone.”

Being in a “high flood risk zone,” it is extremely doubtful that the MPC project will ever materialize. This is because Blacktown Council has indicated “that any flood affecting the site would present a high hazard to any development on or occupants of the site.”

Records from the Land Titles Office

Records from the Land Titles Office (LTO) indicate that a certain Xiu Ting Zhang purchased the Schofields property in 80 Grange Avenue from Xiao Fen Cai & Wne Bin Huang in June 2007 for $1,260,000. The MPC chairman announced during the Nov. 17, 2007 press conference that MPC bought the property for only $1,150,000 or a difference of $110,000. Why would Xiu Ting Zhang hurriedly sell the property at a loss of $110,000 within such a short span of time? 

Caveat lodged on MPC Rooty Hill

From a caveat lodged on the Rooty Hill property, it appears that the MPC Board is borrowing money obviously to complete the MPC Schofields’ purchase. The Rooty Hill property is being or was offered as a security for that loan.  They are most probably paying penalties for failure to settle on time. One can only imagine how much penalty on a daily basis is being paid on a purchase price of $1,150,000.

As of press time, MPC Rooty Hill is still being offered for sale by property agent LJ Hooker Woodcroft.

But the big question that the MPC managers must answer is the final completion date of the MPC project. When asked during the last media conference, MPC chairman Mansueto Villon said: “It depends on you people.”

The donors and the Filipino community in general have waited 18 years. With the declaration of Blacktown Council that the new site in Schofields is a high flood risk zone, prospects are dim that it will ever be completed.