How to FIGHT CANCER through FOOD by Neria Soliman

I wish to share with the readers of this paper my studies and research on foods that prevent cancer. Even after 40 years of intensive research by doctors and scientists, cancer has remained the mysterious killer and scourge of the century.

Cancer is a disease caused by irregularity in cellular function where malfunctioning cells invade surrounding tissues and progress into tumour. Correct diet can intervene to prevent the tumour to reach maturity. The tumour is formed through ANGIOGENESIS which result in the invasion of surrounding tissues.

Some fruits and vegetables have ANTI-ANGIOGENIC properties that will fight cancer cells. These foods contain a high level of PHYTOCHEMICAL COMPOUNDS which have very powerful anti-cancer activity that targets the growth of tumour. These foods are:

1. CABBAGE FAMILY ━ Broccoli and Sprouts have very good sources
of anti-cancer molecules. Should be lightly cooked and chewed
thoroughly to get the maximum benefit.
2. GARLIC & ONIONS ━ fight and slow the development of cancer.
Anti-molecules properties are released when chopped, crushed and
3. SOY ━ needs 50 grams per day of the roasted soybeans.
4. TURMERIC ━ The daily intake of a teaspoon of turmeric added to
a dish or soup or salad dressings and pasta dressings prevent the
development of cancer
5. BERRIES ━ Most berries are good source of polyphenols which
possess anti-cancer property. Dried cranberries can be added to
cereal or fruit salads. Frozen berries can be added to ice cream or
leche flan etc.
6. GREEN TEA ━ Unlike black tea, green teas contain CATECHINS that
boast many anti-cancer functions. Japanese tea is recommended
and should allow to brew for 8 to 10 minutes
7. OMEGA 3 FATS ━ Eating fatty fish twice a week is a good way to
increase the omega 3 level in diet and is, better than supplements.
Canned sardines have high [levels of] omega 3
8. TOMATOES ━ Lycopene, a pigment in tomatoes is high in anti-
cancer property. It is maximized in the presence of tomato paste and
olive oil. Recommended for healthy prostate.
9. CITRUS ━ It is a source not only of Vitamin C but also food that supply
10. RED WINE ━ It is not an ordinary alcohol beverage. It contains
phytochemical compounds that fight cancer [cells]. It is good for
healthy heart
11. CHOCOLATE ━ Dark chocolate that contains 70% cocoa contain
polyphenols for cancer prevention and cardiovascular disease. Daily
intake should be 20 grams squares of chocolate bar.

Updated: 2018-05-28 — 06:18:29