LABOR demands Turnbull reverse sneak attack on hardworking migrant families

Labor has called on the Turnbull Government to reverse its unfair changes to Assurance of Support requirements.
These unfair changes were recently introduced in the dead of night, without any community consultation.

The Turnbull Government has cruelly moved the goalposts on thousands of migrant families.

For example, if a couple wants to arrange for their parents to settle in Australia, they will need to earn a combined $115,475 a year, instead of $45,185. More than two and a half times the previous requirement.

A single person who wants to vouch for their parents will need to earn $86,606, rather than $45,185.40. Almost twice as much.

These are significant changes that will have a real impact on whether or not families are able to be reunited in Australia.

It will have the biggest impact on hard-working migrant families. In many cases, families that have paid substantial visa application fees on the basis that they would be eligible, will no longer qualify to give an assurance under these changes.

The Government can immediately reverse these changes – at the stroke of a pen.

If the Turnbull Government does not act, Labor will vote to disallow these changes in the Senate. ━ Authorised by Noah Carroll ALP Canberra

Updated: 2018-05-28 — 07:32:38