Law Dean’s qualification questioned

Lawyer Wilfredo Garrido couldn’t fathom how a non-lawyer managed to head a famous law school.

Garrido demanded an explanation from San Beda University why Fr. Ranhilio Aquino was chosen as dean of its college of law despite his credential that was taken from a “diploma mill” and how his glittering credentials eclipsed the fact that he didn’t take the bar.

SAN BEDA, SOME TRANSPARENCY PLEASE. Was San Beda taken in when Fr. Ranhilio Aquino presented his curriculum vitae showing his glittering credentials ━ one of which is a doctorate in law from “Columbia Pacific University” ━ which is misleadingly similar to Columbia University, a top-rated, very prestigious, Ivy League school in the USA?

The former is a diploma mill churning out degrees without requiring much effort ━ in fact, he submitted his worksheets online and it looks like he never faced a living professor while working on his degree,” Garrido said.

Ranhilio’s Doctor of Jurisprudence degree, Garrido was told, is not a degree that will allow one to take any bar exam in the US.

“Because this man was appointed to the Concom on the basis of his sterling qualification as dean of its graduate school of law. Because he co-authored the draft Charter being foisted on the Filipino people ━ in fact, he makes it appear he is the principal author. Because if this Constitution is ratified by the people, we will all feel short-changed. If not later on embroiled in civil war,” he added. (Source: Rappler)

Updated: 2018-10-26 — 04:47:55