Teresa Pacubas wins another beauty award

This multi-awarded beauty queen is also an entrepreneur. Filipinos in New South Wales see her everywhere there is a Filipino function.

Aside from managing a restaurant in Doonside, Teresa is also a caterer. No other Filipino can beat her pricing strategy. She truly knows the business which she has been running for several years.

The exciting contour of her flat abs and her flawless complexion makes people wonder how old really is Teresa? You’ll never find the real answer unless she presents her birth certificate which shows that she hails from the northern part of Luzon.

Teresa is a successful distributor of Kangen Water Filter, and a host of beauty products.

Those of you who are aspiring to grab her fancy, you’re too late, guys. She’s already taken and happily married to an Australian.

The siopao that she makes tastes like no other and very much in demand. Those remaining inside her shop in Doonside is still guaranteed fresh. /rmc

Updated: 2018-12-24 — 05:20:22