Why we walked out . . . by Richard Ford

“I tried to be impartial, but as one will read on, it was very trying and difficult to be a mere bystander.” – Richard Ford, JP

On the 7th February 2010, the PCC-NSW Inc. Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held at Bob Hughes Christian School in Chester Hill. The meeting started with PCC President Ronaldo Villaver taking the floor. He announced that the PCC Review Board have made a decision to suspend (the membership) of 36 affiliates and that these organisations had lost their right to vote.

He then went on and outlined who were affected and why. He pointed one reason alone for their suspension. Part 2 Section 2a 1c of the (PCC) Constitution, stated: “the non-profit organization (must) hold at least one function or event each year.” The constitution also (stated) that such organisations needed a membership of at least 10 at the time of elections.

The problem is not with the Rules of the Constitution but in the timing of the suspension. It was blatantly obvious, (that the intention) was to maximise the advantage of the members of the board from the “ACE TEAM” seeking election as officers for 2010. They were also members of the Review Board. They used such measures to (the) disadvantage of the “ACHIEVERS TEAM” who were running for office.

As one who was present, I saw that the elections were rigged from the very start. The outgoing president and past presidents acted together to disadvantage an opposing team. They even gagged members of the suspended organizations from being allowed to speak in defence of the “ACHIEVERS TEAM.”

I understand why Dr Cen Amores pulled out her team at (the start) of the elections in protest. She took such action in support of the suspended organizations. In my own personal opinion, the suspension was unjustified and unfair.

In taking such action, Dr. Cen Amores stated that she protested for such ill-timed actions taken by the board members to seek an unfair advantage that goes against the spirit of the Constitution. Who would like to be called “bogus” or “fake” as the PCC Review Board called the suspended organizations? To me that is a slur and offence to the good name of the Filipino community who have worked so hard for the betterment of all Filipinos (in Australia). Such actions are offensive and unjustified, showing the full purpose and character of the now unopposed board of the PCC-NSW Inc for 2010.

It has now been decided that in view of the suspension and outcome of the elections, the “ACHIEVERS TEAM” will form a support organization. The new name will be the Alliance of Filipino Community Organisations (APCO). This group will not compete with PCC-NSW in its role but I stress will only be to promote the welfare, foster camaraderie and provide support to those “left out in the cold.” The purpose is to consult and agree on how we can (best) support one another and continue to serve our community. ?