K Brosas show was exhilarating!

Total entertainment is obviously what Bhajune Malonzo expected when he brought Kakai Brosas, MC and Donita to Sydney. So far, this popular hair and makeup artist in Parramatta and Mt. Druitt has never disappointed his audience. He has once again delivered total entertainment to those who bought tickets to watch the latest offering of Starhaus.

Before the start of the show, my wife and I were ushered to the front row seats, very close to the stage of Burwood RSL and within kicking distance of the 3D Dancers.

Having seen him before as a finalist in Australia’s Got Talent, we were once again struck with awe when Bobby Harrison danced while playing a favorite ditty with his trumpet. This writer still believes that he should have won the talent quest.
If she would walk the streets of Sydney, pretty Donita can easily be mistaken for a real woman. Her flawless skin revealed a fair complexion when she wore a strapless blue gown on stage while singing “Ikaw ang lahat sa akin.” I should really refer to her as a “he,” because he is Rodelio Solano in real life. Her unique ability to shift male and female vocal chords while singing is indeed a rare talent which not too many people are capable of doing. That, I found truly amazing.

According to Aleli Canonizado, MC is much better looking off stage as a real man and without makeup. It was noted by many in the audience that their jokes were green, a bit short of vulgar but nevertheless entertaining.

Entertainer par excellence – Kakai Brosas

Her real name is Carmela Brosas but on stage, she preferred to be called “Kakai.” Having seen her perform, one might easily call her “Kikay,” as in being flirtatious. A real trouper, K Brosas sang, danced, cracked jokes and even knelt and lay still on the floor.

She really put her mind, heart and soul into everything she did on stage. That was how passionate she was.

Her performance was indeed worth the money we paid for. – ?