LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Biggest cancer care package in Australian history

May 2019

I just finished my Budget Reply speech. I outlined Labor’s vision for a fairer, more equal Australia where everyone gets a fair go.

It’s an Australia where your Medicare card determines your access to health care, not your credit card.

Our health care system is the envy of the world, but it’s one where hundreds of thousands of Australians skip vital scans or doctors’ visits because of the cost. That’s why I announced Labor’s plan for free live-saving scans for cancer patients.

Our plan will eliminate out-of-pocket costs for up to six million scans for cancer services. Labor will provide three million free consultations with oncologists and surgeons for cancer patients.

And finally, that any drug recommended for the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme would be listed on the scheme━ because the independent experts who run the scheme know best what medicines Australians need.

This is the biggest cancer care package in Australian history.

Cancer is one of the biggest killers in Australia. Cancer is frightening, it’s isolating, it’s exhausting. And it is impoverishing. Cancer makes you sick and then paying for the treatment makes you poor.

Bill Shorten, Leader of the Opposition

Updated: 2019-08-13 — 19:08:08