LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: We must speak out.

As seen on the August 2019 issue of The Philippine Sentinel

My family has gone through the worst of martial law:

● Two-year solitary confinement of my father without charges or legal processes just because he belonged to political opposition and had armed rebellion capability with his war veterans’ group;
● Purposeful killing of our export business by government officials on orders of Ferdinand Marcos;
● Suspected poisoning of my father while in detention leading to his death six months after forced release etc.,

I am first-hand witness as to what Duterte’s antics can become…

At 72 years of age & burdened with heart problems, what more should I be doing to live a relevant life? Should I cower in fear or speak out the truth as I see it? What can the Duterte administration do to me? Kill or imprison me?

So what else would be new?

━ Name withheld upon request

Updated: 2020-01-05 — 04:09:38