●●LETTERS TO THE EDITOR●● Recognition is too little, too late

As seen on the October 2019 issue of The Philippine Sentinel

The medal from the US government isn’t the important thing in all these. It’s the recognition from the United States government of WWII Filipino veterans that is more important. That recognition ━ the cash and medical benefits that came with it under existing US laws of the 1930s had long been withheld by the monstrous and inhumane Rescission Act* that removed over US$3.1 billion from the rightful ownership of Filipino WWII veterans.

The United States, as in many other instances, complied with its obligations to Filipino WWII veterans much, much too late. But it’s better late than never.

In the early 2000s, I lobbied among US Congress senators & congressmen for cash payments of pensions. Only a one-time payment to living Filipino veterans was approved by law in 2008. Thus, Filvets in the USA got US$15,000 and those in the Philippines received [only] US$9,000 or a total of about US$265 million ━ a far cry from the $3.1 billion owed them by America in 1945.

Jerry Adevoso receives gold medal from US Ambassador Kim Sung.

After that comes this gold medal, which America finds easy to grant as just another palliative. But our veterans appreciate it for its acknowledgement of the Filipino veterans’ war deeds, courage and unity with America during that time.
━ Jerry Adevoso

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