President Duterte soon to be flying in a brand new G280

As seen on the November 2019 issue of The Philippine Sentinel

Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation recently announced on its website that the Philippine Air Force has signed a contract to buy a Gulfstream G280 aircraft for “command and control” duties.

Defense Department Spokesman Arsenio Andolong Jr. has confirmed that the new jet will be used by the president as well other senior government officials.

The aircraft, scheduled to be delivered by mid-2020, costs USD39.9 million or almost PHP 2 billion. It was bought through the US government’s Foreign Military Sales Program.

With a range of 3600 miles or over 6000 kilometres, the G280 can fly nonstop for eight hours. This gives it the capability to fly from Singapore to Melbourne, Singapore to Dubai, or Hong Kong to Dubai. It goes without saying that the purchase is funded by money collected from taxpayers.

Updated: 2020-01-30 — 20:59:00