PAL policy prohibits musical instruments as carry-on baggage

As seen on the November 2019 issue of The Philippine Sentinel

On Saturday, Sept. 21, trombone artist Allen Meek of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra complained on Facebook about his experience with Philippine Airlines. “Never fly Philippine Airlines from Manila as they have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for all hand-carried musical instruments (must be checked-in) with the exception of ukulele only. For ‘safety and security’ reasons. Ridiculous,” he wrote.

Orchestra conductor Gerard Salonga questioned a Philippine Airlines policy that does not allow musical instruments as carry-on baggage.

Salonga shared the post on Sunday, Sept. 22, and politely asked the airline: “Is there a good reason (beyond ‘that’s our policy’) why you don’t allow musical instruments as carry-on baggage, even if they clearly fit? I’m sharing a post from a professional musician who works in Singapore and loves to visit our country.”

Through its official Facebook page PAL responded to Salonga to explain that instruments are not allowed as carry-on baggage “due to the limited overhead space.”

One Nicolas Ong who is a violinist, asked how a violin would be transported as luggage. He was informed by the airline that the violin will occupy a seat next to him. He said that other airlines did not require buying another seat for a musical instrument
and allowed instruments to be loaded on the overhead compartments.

Violinist Noel Martin also questioned the safety precaution of banning instruments in overhead cabins. “Regarding the notion that violins per se are potentially dangerous to other passengers, I must remain unconvinced since they seem suddenly to become safe once the musician has purchased an extra seat for it,” he said.

Ice Seguerra similarly bared his frustrations with the policy, stating that in his experience, hard cases containing the guitar get cracked when they are checked in.


Updated: 2020-01-31 — 03:10:28