A brief overview of the ARAMCO Tragedy; Are we at the brink of WW III?

By Bernie V. Lopez
As seen on the Novmber 2019 issue of the Philippine Sentinel

A critical geopolitical event has unfolded. Drone attacks on two ARAMCO oil refineries in Saudi Arabia, the largest worldwide, is predicted to soon cut Saudi oil production by half and world supply by 5%. Global price of crude instantly soared by 20%. Houthi rebels claim responsibility, but the US suspects it is an Iranian initiative, because the Houthis have no knowledge of drones, and are 1,000 kilometres away, too far to launch drones. Shiite militants in Northern Iraq, allies of Iran, are the suspects, but there is no evidence yet presented.

Russia said it is not productive to blame without evidence. Trump said the US is ‘locked and loaded’ if evidence emerges. In defensive response, Iran said US carriers and bases are within range of its missiles. If the US invades Iran, the last buffer to the Russian border, Russia will be forced to join the war. About 10,000 Houthis have reportedly been killed by Saudi aerial bombings in Yemen in the last 5 years.

The ingredients for peace are gradually being eroded. The prophecies of Our Lady of Fatima are slowly unfolding. We need to pray hard. This is a call to prayer for world peace. Say the rosary daily, and a fast once a week for the atonement of Man’s sins.

Updated: 2020-01-31 — 14:12:03