Conspiracy theory about coronavirus

By Bernie V. Lopez
As seen on the March 2020 issue of Philippine Tribune

The report that the new coronavirus is an American bio-warfare initiative is pure conspiracy theory. The post cites ‘suspicions.’ Harvard’s illegal DNA sampling of “Hundreds of Thousands” of Chinese is hard to believe.

Hundreds of thousands given DNA tests at the cost of millions? It sounds like fake news. America may fear that China’s Belt and Road Initiative is a mammoth international trade strategy that will derail American global economic dominance. But this becomes a mere excuse to propagate and justify the bio-warfare theory.

It is simple, not geopolitical. The Chinese ate wild forest meat at the Wuhan seafood market. Then they did not make the disclosure until much later because they probably thought the news would not explode. The Wuhan virus explosion could have happened in Thailand or Singapore, next in ranks in the number of infected people.
━ Bernie Lopez

Updated: 2020-04-07 — 15:10:24