Construction surrounding the MPC

Those who have driven along Duke Street in Rooty Hill during the past few weeks must have noticed construction activities surrounding the infamous site of the Filipino Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC). No, sir! That is not the MPC under construction. Completion is definitely not in sight within the foreseeable future.

It has remained for sale for many months now and there appears to be no takers. According to one MPC director, the best offer received was only $750,000. Now, that amount is far below current market value. To sell at this time may not be a wise thing to do, let alone the fact that total receipts from donations and grants have exceeded $1 million over the past 16 years. As of year ended 2004, MPC Treasurer Dads Morales reported total expenses of $908,656.

Meanwhile, they continue with their annual beauty pageant, hoping that the candidates would be able to generate some money for the MPC. This seems to be an attempt to turn the public eye from disgust over their inability to complete the project into that of entertainment during the coronation night.

Ms. Neria Soliman, immediate past president of the Philippine Community Council (PCC), has called for an urgent meeting of past presidents of the organization. Among the topics in her agenda is the MPC. She calls it a shed that can no longer hold events because the area has been transformed into a housing zone.

That sounds like a catch 22 situation. The MPC cannot be used because of the noise that events generate and it cannot be completed for lack of funds.