MPC Update

Al Noveloso

I happen to have a personal mole who is capable of penetrating the inner sanctum and the dark recesses of what appears to be an exclusive organisation of a handful of Filipinos. These so-called MPC managers probably believe that they own the land. The more popular name is the Filipino Multi-Purpose Centre (MPC) — that unfinished and shameful structure at the corner of Duke and Abraham Streets in Rooty Hill.

According to my source and in another dire attempt at transparency, a director’s meeting was held last October at the MPC premises. There were some 30 guests who were invited to attend. They were mostly friends of the directors who have held on to their posts during the past 16 years. Only one journalist, in the person of Mr. Jimmy Pimentel, was present. Being the most diplomatic among media practitioners in the area, it seems that he was the only one invited.

Sometime during the meeting, Mr. Ric de Vera suggested that management of the MPC should be left to the younger generation. There was no reaction from the upper echelon of the Filipino Australian Community Foundation, Inc. Instead, a director’s seat was offered to Mr. Arnul Pan of Philippine Airlines. A verification of this initial report with Mr. Pan revealed that he declined the offer. He said that Philippine Airlines will continue to be an Honorary Sponsor of MPC just as the airline continues to be a sponsor of many other deserving Filipino organizations in Sydney. Mr. Pan’s tenure as Country Manager of Philippine Airlines has been extended for another year. After that, there is possibility that he might be recalled back to the Philippines or be offered another overseas assignment.

There was also an announcement of an MPC newsletter and website that is in the process of being constructed. We can only hope that work on the website will not be as long as the unfinished MPC structure which has been idle for the past 16 years. They have already made public this intention in a press release way back in April 2005.