Philippine tourism

What you said could have been about Brisbane or the Gold Coast “Fiestas” so it is not unique to Sydney. Maybe even Melbourne although I did not attend that one. I agree wholeheartedly. I am not a Filipino but have been involved with the wonderful country and its warm and happy people for over 30 years after living and working there during the 1980s. I really hope you can stir up some pride for showing off what the Philippines has to offer.

My company (All About Asia) specifically promotes Tourism to the Philippines. Some might say that is an understatement. We are Passionate about it. Lately, there have been strong rumours circulating that, after being under the radar for many years, the destination is about to get very popular. With Bali and Thailand becoming “old hat,” Australian tourists are looking for new and exciting destinations close by. The Philippines fits the bill. I really hope that all “kababayans” start to tell their Australian friends what the country really has to offer them.

Robert Graham