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Philippine Sentinel is now FREE

Because of strong clamor from our readers, many of whom were still willing to pay $1.00 for a copy of this paper, the management of Philippine Sentinel has decided to make copies available for free starting this month of October 2009. As demand for advertising space continues to grow, Philippine Sentinel is now being distributed […]

Owning your dream home

Just when you thought, it can’t be done – it can! Owning your dream home is a distinct possibility! Despite the economic downturn, it is still very possible to own your home. Contrary to the news of doom, it is an opportune time to invest in your future and secure your home. Families can take […]

Profile of a Filipino multi-millionaire in Silicon Valley

Dado Banatao is the managing partner of Tallwood Venture Capital, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley with over $500 million under management. With his past experience as an entrepreneur, Dado provides Tallwood with a unique perspective in technology investments. Tallwood invests in unique and hard-to-do semiconductor technology solutions for computing, communication, and consumer platforms.

The US Financial Meltdown

It has been reported that over $5 trillion in total market capitalization has been wiped out since October of last year. Over a trillion of this amount was caused by the exposé of New York’s financial giants. Among them were Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns and AIG. According to Dr. Walden Bello, sociology professor of the […]

US$1.5 billion Casino in RP

He scrapped plans to build what would have been the world’s tallest casino in Las Vegas. Now James Packer is about to sign a deal to build a US$1.5 billion (AUD1.6 B) hotel and casino complex in the Philippines. According to the South China Morning Post, the announcement was made by Rafael Butch Francisco, President […]