New born baby thrown out of window by mother; survives

This is an awesome story of an infant’s  amazing survival after being thrown out of a second-storey window in a posh subdivision.
Hearing the baby’s cries, a security guard and a passing jogger entered the yard and found the infant dangling from the branches of a nearby tree, its umbilical cord and bloody placenta still attached to the baby’s navel.

After police and first-aid workers were called, the authorities knocked on the door of the residence. Following bloody tracks, they found a house maid cowering in a bathroom, out of which window the baby was thrown.

Accompanied by social workers to a hospital, the woman told them her story: She was married and had children who all stayed behind in Samar while she went to Manila as a domestic worker. Perhaps unwilling to reveal her secret to anybody, she decided to deliver the baby herself and disposed of the “evidence.” The father of the baby is unknown.

Save for a few scratches, the infant was found unharmed. Some rescuers claim that they found the baby holding on to a twig, as if it was holding on for dear life. The infant’s survival despite the horrifying circumstances of its birth still speaks of luck almost too good to be true.

Compared to many other Filipino infants, the baby thrown out the window is very fortunate indeed.

Updated: 2015-06-05 — 18:27:37