John Carasig, Filipino Master Chef

Born in the Philippines but now based in Melbourne Victoria, John Carasig, 34, is a flight attendant. For him, food is all about connecting with his culture and adapting it with the best Australian produce.

He was only 10 years old when the family moved to Melbourne. Being the eldest brother to two sisters, John needed to look after his siblings. As his parents were busy at work, he had to help prepare family meals at an early age of six.

Using recipe books, John says that his cooking is largely based on intuition and he loves to experiment in the kitchen. Heavily influenced by his Filipino heritage, he is aiming for an East-meets-West approach to the competition.

After studying architecture and then industrial design, John became a Qantas flight attendant before realising that his real passion lies in food.

In the future, John sees himself running a café with everything from plates to furniture designed by him, along with the menu of course.

John is inspired to take his dream and turn it into reality.


Using local ingredients, he gained accolades from the judges when he cooked the world-famous Chicken Adobo.

“I really want to put Filipino cuisine on the map, to bring it to the world and put my name on my dishes.”

Updated: 06/05/2015 — 18:29:38


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