PCC condones Bulseco’s womanising activities; directors make a mockery of PCC Constitution

The only positive thing that the incumbent PCC president Evelyn Beed and secretary Darrell Swadling did was to acknowledge receipt of my email complaint. And yet, PCC director Bobby Lastica declared that it was not valid because it was not signed. As if my photo and name on this editorial is not proof enough that the complaint is authentic. That’s another technical bulls * * t!

First to make a comment during the PCC board meeting on October 7 was immediate past president Jun Relunia. He said that the complaint was personal. Sadly, Mr. Relunia miserably failed to see the big picture — that Alric Bulseco is a disgrace to the Philippine Community Council and should not be allowed to represent the Filipino community as PCC Vice President External and not even as a director! Unfortunately, there were directors who agreed to Relunia’s statement: They were Evelyn Beed, Lillian de los Reyes, Jojo Laquian, Darrell Swadling, Bobby Lastica and Kate Andres who is not even a current board member but was present during the meeting.

According to a number of reliable sources, Ms Beed merely read the complaint and may have deliberately omitted some portions, She did not bother to distribute a copy of the complaint to all the directors present. They were therefore misled into believing Relunia that the complaint was personal.

As written in the previous month’s editorial, Bulseco should be expelled on the spot on the basis of the provisions of the PCC Constitution:

Section 10, Subsection 1b states: “that a member of the council has           persistently and wilfully acted in a manner prejudicial to the interests of the Council [or of the association he or she represents    and the Filipino community in general.]”

The obviously misguided by Relunia and Lastica, [PCC directors] surely know that prior to his married girlfriend from Davao, Bulseco’s former girlfriend was the married treasurer of PCC. The PCC Directors have indeed made a mockery of their own constitution.

A similar complaint has been sent to Ateneo Alumni Australia (AAA) where Bulseco also seats as a director. It was sent in my capacity as a former president of AAA but amazingly, as of this writing, there has been no reaction from the alumni association. Hopefully, the AAA board will not ignore a complaint from a founding director and former president.

PCC is a non-profit organisation that requires leaders with integrity and good moral character. Alric Bulseco’s  promiscuous behaviour is a moral issue that should never be tolerated or condoned.

It claims to be “the peak body of Filipino organisations in NSW” but because of Bulseco, PCC has become the laughing stock not only of its affiliates but also the Filipino community in general. — Dino Crescini