Will Kylie Versoza be the next Miss Universe?

Kylie Versoza photo

Kylie Versoza was among the many pretty faces who vied for the crown that was won by Pia Wurtzbach but she’s young enough to try again next year. She was Baguio City’s representative to the glamorous event.

Sometime last year, Kylie and her Mom went to do some groceries at around midnight. At one point, her mom saw Kylie do a ‘beso-beso’ with another pretty lady. Afterwards she said, “Mommy, that’s Pia — Pia Wurtzbach lining up to buy medicine at the counter; she is also with Aces”. That was the first time her mom saw Miss Universe in person.

Kylie is honest

After paying at the counter, they were loading stuff in the car and suddenly Kylie said “Mommy, I have to go back, I got this and I didn’t pay for it. I was holding it together with my cell phone,” and she showed her a small handy pack of black hair ties. Mom said, “Okay, go! Go back and just return it and just tell them you mistakenly brought it”. Then, her mom saw Kylie briefly talking to the guard who opened the door for her.

While her mom was waiting in the car, she felt so good knowing that she raised a decent daughter with values of honesty and integrity. The hair ties cost only P49 — an amount that is seemingly insignificant; but the gesture of returning it is invaluable.

It was heart warming to the guard and the sales clerk who approved of Kylie’s honesty. But most of all, it was gratifying for Kylie’s mom whose heart was overflowing with joy believing she has raised a daughter with a beautiful soul. Aren’t you glad with stories like these? Doesn’t it restore your faith in humanity?

Kylie is a Business Management graduate of Ateneo de Manila University.

Updated: 2018-03-19 — 02:24:08