As seen on the March 2020 issue of Philippine Tribune

Coronavirus is race specific

Just about all victims of novel-coronavirus are of Chinese ethnicity. The virus is race-specific. According to scientists and medical researchers it’s another lab-produced virus deliberately released as an act of biowarfare. This one definitely targeted China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) national and international hub, Wuhan.

Coincidence? Not bloody likely. Some years ago, Harvard medical researchers illegally conducted biological experiments and collected DNA samples from hundreds of thousands of Chinese. The data was intended for a US military-commissioned biowarfare research study.

What’s with the avid western media publicity of the Wuhan virus compared to 5 million flu-infected people of which 650,000 die yearly? Because it’s China ━ the country that signed up 65% of world population and more than 50% of world GDP into China’s BRI. China is a threat to US world dominance, according to the Pentagon. Ergo, an obvious target of US illegal undeclared biowarfare.

━ (from a resident of Tagaytay City who requested not to be identified)

Updated: 2020-04-07 — 15:04:49