Poor continue to sell Kidneys for cash

by Cecil Morella Agence France-Presse The Philippines is one of the world’s “hot spots” for human organ trafficking, said the Philippine Society of Nephrology, whose members are renal specialists. “Between 2002 and 2005, when a 10 percent cap for transplants to foreigners was supposed to have been enforced, more than 400 kidney transplants from local […]

The Photocopy Syndrome

by Benjie de Ubago We Filipinos have a penchant for copying, imitating, duplicating, replicating to the tee. The “photocopy” syndrome. The gaya-gaya, puto maya mentality. We are kings and queens of imitation! We’ve always had the Philippine version of an international recording artist. Hagibis was our version of The Village People. Block buster movies had […]

Fil-Aussie shot dead

Australian citizen and businessman turned politician, was killed by an assassin’s bullet in front of his office in the presence of his wife and son. According to witnesses, at least six gunshots were heard before Arrogante fell dead and slumped to the ground. His wife Juliet tried to stop the man from further shooting her […]